Watch: Amazing boundary catch leaves Aussies stumped

He'll be pleased with that


The Cricket World Cup’s on and while we’re still trying to tell our short-legs from our silly mid-ons, we know an absolutely mental piece of fielding when see it.

Take a bow Sheldon Cottrell for the greatest catch we’ve seen since Captain Birdseye hit the high seas.

The Windies bowler wasn’t blown off course by the innings of former Aussie captain – and Sandpapergate star – Steve Smith, who’d bashed 73 runs to rescue his struggling side before clipping another effort towards Trent Bridge’s boundary ropes.

It looked to be sailing for six before this happened:

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A g’day to Sky Sports for sharing the clip.

Here it is in real-time.

Cottrell stops the flying lump of leather one-handed and then flicks it up to complete the catch because, as all us, ahem, new-found cricket aficionados know, if he’d landed over the line with the ball it’d have counted for six runs and Smith would probably be out there batting for another 70 or so.

As it is, he’ll have to make do with 288 his team posted.

Chin up Stevie, you can’t beat brilliance, no need for tears this time, eh?

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