Watch: Cricket fan nabs $50k with sensational one-handed grab

We know who’s getting them in now…


It took less than an over for a New Zealand fan to make himself $50,000 richer earlier this morning during the home side’s one day international with Pakistan.

The match in Dunedin witnessed a classy one-handed catch from a fan wearing an all-important sponsor’s t-shirt and the crowd went mental as he casually secured the loot.

It all came about as batsman Martin Guptill launched the fifth ball of the first over for six and sent it hurtling towards the spectators in the ‘catch zone’.

Builder Craig Dougherty took his shot and leaned over the advertising hoardings to secure a super snag, scoring himself the cash and a round of applause from Guptill to boot.

“I had no time to think about it, I just stuck my arm out,” Craig told the NZ Herald. “It was literally just me with my arm out, the guys next to me had their hands in their pockets.” What a beauty and you can watch it for yourself below:

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