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Based at Power Tower in Dublin, the Paddy Power Blog team is part of Paddy Power’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) department. We bring you sports and betting news, insight, tips, and mischief. On the blog we discuss hot topics, preview major events, praise those who deserve to be praised, take shots at sacred cows, and try not to take life too seriously. Also, we use a network of international mischief makers and tipsters, so you don’t just have to take our word on things.

Below is how to contact us, but if you’re going to give out, or if you have a betting-related issue, please direct your attention to our lovely customer services team.

Paddy Power Editorial

Team email: osbeditorial@paddypower.com

Twitter: @paddypower


Blog Comments Policy

Opinions and statements expressed in the comments section of the Paddy Power Blog are strictly those of the contributors’ and do not in any way reflect the position of Paddy Power. We do not condone slanderous, defamatory, obscene, violent, abusive or threatening comments on this website. We expect all users to practice basic courtesy, and respect the view points of others. Inappropriate comments will be edited or deleted at the discretion of Paddy Power Blog staff.

If you are aware of any comments which you feel contravene the terms of this policy, please contact Customer Services

Customer Services

Phone: Ireland: 1800 238 888 | UK: 08000 565 275 | World: +353 1 905 0131