Boxing Tips: 5 Reasons Logan Paul Beats Dillon Danis at the Manchester Arena

Our boxing tipster Matt Gipon has the 2017 Teen Choice Awards winner for Choice YouTuber beating the Bellator Welterweight.

Logan Paul 'boxer' october 2023


Misfits Boxing is back on October 14 at the Manchester Arena and there’s a double header at the top of the card – in the undercard, Logan Paul is taking on Bellator MMA fighter Dillon Danis in a boxing match.

We’ll dive into the biggest and best betting tips closer to the opening bell, but for now we’ll run the rule over the routes to victory for the favourites at the mega event in the UK.

Logan Paul v Dillon Danis
Saturday, 14th October

Why Logan Paul will beat Dillon Danis

1 – Logan Paul Is A More Serious Athlete

Logan has spent most the last couple of years wrestling in WWE and he’s in professional athlete shape – even during high school he was stand-out linebacker and wrestler. Although Danis excelled in Jiu-Jitsu and MMA between 2014 and 2019 he’s spent the last few years concentrating on trash talking via social media.

2 – Dillon Danis Is Distracted

When Danis isn’t trash talking he has found the time to start a family – whether he admits it or not having a newborn baby is a major distraction to training and a massive sleep disruptor.

3 – Logan Paul Has Boxed Floyd Mayweather

While Danis has never boxed a competitive round in his life, Paul has done eight 3-minutes with Floyd Mayweather. Paul might have lost every round in that contest but he would have learned a lot during those 24 minutes.

4 – Size Is A Factor

The fight on October 14 is set for a 200-pound weight limit. Logan is a big old unit who can probably just about squeeze down to that weight, but Danis is two inches shorter and when he competed in MMA it was at 175 pounds.

5 – MMA Grapplers Aren’t Boxers

As Jake Paul has demonstrated, MMA fighters aren’t boxers, and MMA fighters who specialise in grappling are generally pretty poor boxers. Jake has beaten four ex-UFC heavy hitters quite comfortably, and Dillon never got near that level as a martial artist.


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