Logan Paul agrees to have sh*te knocked out of him by Mayweather ​

It's only going one way


YouTube person Logan Paul has signed a lucrative deal to have the sh*te knocked out of him by Floyd Mayweather, it has emerged.

The ‘will he, won’t he knock Paul’s sh*te out’ saga was finally put to bed this morning when both men agreed the unmerciful beating will take place on June 6th at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Mayweather, a five-weight world champion with a 50-0 record, will take on Paul, whose only previous humiliating defeat was at the hands of a fellow YouTube prat.

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Announcing the fight on Instagram, Paul wrote:

‘Really looking forward to having my sh*te knocked out by Floyd Mayweather’.

‘It will be a privilege and an honour to be pummelled so brutally by one of the greatest boxers of all time’.

‘All I can pray for is a swift knockout with minimal damage’.

‘FYI, I am now selling ad space on the soles of my boxing boots’.

Meanwhile, Mayweather dismissed claims he’s tarnishing his legacy by engaging in exhibition bouts with former Disney Channel stars for obscene amounts of money.

‘I resent those baseless accusations’, Mayweather told Paddy Power News while lighting a cigar with a $100 bill.

‘Logan Paul is probably one of the top two fighters in his family right now’.

As news of the bout broke, boxing fans around the world rushed to the internet to vent their fury.

Voicing his displeasure to his 28 followers on Twitter, die-hard boxing fan Matt Striker wrote:

‘I’m so p*ssed at Floyd right now for damaging the integrity of the sport I love’.

‘That being said, I will absolutely be paying the $100 pay-per-view providers will be charging to watch this sh*t show’.

‘Whether I remain conscious long enough to see it at 5am is another matter entirely’.

‘Hopefully Floyd hits him so hard his silly back-to-front names swap around’, he added.

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