Mike Tyson v Roy Jones Jr: No knockouts, no ear-munching rules confirmed ​​

You can’t get away with anything these days!



Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr are not allowed to knock each other out or devour each other’s ears, according to rules and regulations approved by the California State Athletic Commission. Tyson (54) and Jones Jr (51) are stepping back into the ring for an exhibition fight in the early hours of Sunday morning under a unique rule-set.

In the lead up to the bout there had been confusion about the rules approved by the California State Athletic Commission, with some fans waiting to hear if in-ring nibbling would be allowed before purchasing the pay-per-view event.

“The rules are much different than a sanctioned fight”, executive director Andy Foster told Paddy Power News. “For example, irrespective of whatever provocation he might endure before or during the bout, Mike has been instructed not to eat Roy’s ears”.


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“Throwing multiple punches after the bell and striking the referee if he tries to intervene is also prohibited. However, threatening to eat your opponent’s children, whilst frowned upon, is permitted”.

The news comes as a huge disappointment to Tyson’s camp who’ve been working on the former undisputed heavyweight champion’s bite in the weeks leading up to the contest.

“Mike’s been going to bed at night with a titanium chew toy”, revealed trainer Rafael Cordeiro.

“Just last week we tossed him a phonebook and he bit all the way through to the Q’s”.


When asked whether Iron Mike could adhere to the rules and refrain from knocking his opponent out, Cordeiro replied: “Of course. Mike’s renowned for his self-restraint. I’m sure he’ll be grand”.

Tyson will head into the fight high on confidence after defeating a great white shark on 9th August.

The contest dubbed ‘Tyson vs Jaws: Rumble on the Reef’, pitted one of the most ferocious predators on the planet against a shark.  The referee stopped the fight in the second round when the shark’s corner threw in the towel due to concerns about the animal’s wellbeing.


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