Watch: Wilder-Fury drives Paddy Power LA-LA in Los Angeles

Maybe it's the glamour of Hollywood, maybe it's the sun in December, or maybe it's just potent stench of weed, but LA'll have an affect on you...

Like millions before, Paddy Power packed up and struck out westward in search of fame and fortune – or at least some comedy gold arising out of the Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder bout on Saturday night.

While the judges’ scorecards may have cornered the market there (provided you didn’t bet on Fury anyway), there was stll plenty of highlights beneath the Hollywood hills for our interpid crew.

Not surprisingly, the nuances and cadences of Scottish twitter were lost on some of the locals: is loud and clear – great odds on your favourite sports

Though the cultural crossed-wires cut both ways:

Are you sure you don’t want that garlic bread?

And some of our efforts to fit in could’ve gone better:

But, in the end, some valuable connections were made:

Hey, George Clooney had to do Return of the Killer Tomatoes.

We’ve all got to start somewhere.

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