Watch: Five of Tyson Fury’s most furiously funny flip-outs

The wildest warrior in boxing, former World Heavyweight champion Fury is famed for his brawny bravado. Here's some of his best work...


He’s the cockiest cock of the walk in boxing, and after taking care of man-mountain Wladimir Flitschko, why wouldn’t he be?

The 29-year-old now is taking on his biggest chellenge to date. He’s stateside for a mega-bout with undefeated knock-out king Deontay Wilder for the biggest brawl of the year.

But if titles were awarded for build-up bravado, there’d only be one winner.

The madcap Mancunian has made a reputation by putting the pizzazz in press conference and pounding opponents with his weird and wonderful weigh-in witterings.

We’ve picked out some of his most memorable moments….

5 – Throwing shade at the Hayemaker

The cheeky champ threw David Haye off his game at the press conference for their scheduled bout in 2013. Usually not one caught short for words, Fury’s shady performance with his sunglasses, mocking the former WBA title holder by saying he had to hide his eyes from his opponent so he could not see the fear in them.

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4 – Post-Klitschko serenade

So, you’ve just taken down one of the all-time greats, winning multiple titles and apologising for some of your pre-fight antics to the man you’ve just defeated. What better time to give us a taste of the late nineties’ awkwardest slow-sets with a tuneless rendition of Aerosmith’s most maudlin musings to your missus?

We’ll let you decide who has a bigger mouth, Fury or Steve Tyler.

3 – Chopping Chubby Checker down to size

Kevin Johnson did not impress the 6″8′ bruiser before their Belfast bout. Wearing a New York Giants jersey at their press conference, Johnson looked more like a linebacker than a boxer, and Fury wasn’t slow letting him know it.

2 – Wilder war of words

You might think it’s a challenge to upstage the 35th knockout of a 36 fight career by a world heavyweight champion that leaves his opponent flat on his back for seven minutes after the fight in front of a New York city crowd, but that’s just what the Gypsy King did when he launched into the ring following Wilder’s defence of his WBC title against Artur Szpilka in the Brooklyn in 2016 to confront the unbeaten champion.

Fury blares a few bars of “There’s only one Tyson Fury” inches from Wilder’s face before declaring “I’ll fight you in your backyard. Like I done Klitschko, I’ll beat you, you bum! You’re a bum!” and then starts taunting the US crowd WWE-style from the belt buckle.

Beat that Ric Flair.


1 – Denananananananananananananaaaaa- BATMAN!

Though some might say he should’ve been The Joker, the champ transformed in to DC Comics’ Woof! Blaam! Wallop! dispensing dark knight before his mega-bout with Wladimir Klitschko.

Many of Hollywood’s biggest beasts have taken on the persona of Gotham’s grappler-in-chief, but no one quite caught the essence of everyone’s favourite vigilante billionaire like Fury as he leapt from his chair to wipe the smirk off his arch-enemy’s face and delivered a verbal battering to his bemused opponent.

Can the caped crusader clear another critter from the streets on Saturday night? If it goes to points, the marauding Manc must win every time for entertainment value!

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