WATCH: Avni Yildirim’s manager offers to f*ck the wife of Team Eubank member

Upset at Eubank Jr's failure to show up for a previous event, Ahmet Öner let fly with some verbal jabs...


Things got a little heated at a press conference in Stuttgart prior to Chris Eubank Jr’s bout against Avni Yildirim, which is due to take place on Saturday.

The event descended into farce as Ahmet Öner, Yildirim’s manager, launched into a tirade aimed first at the British fighter, then Eubank Sr and, subsequently, at an off-camera member of the Eubank camp.

Upset at Eubank Jr’s failure to show up for a previous event and more than willing to vent his frustration, Öner rose from the table in rage before aiming a series of verbal jabs at the as yet unknown team-member.

After a minute or so of oral jousting, Öner then made the individual an offer he can most definitely refuse:

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