WATCH: George Foreman – Conor made Floyd look like an ‘old slugger’

The heavyweight legend has been holding forth about May-Mac...


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In conversation with Obviously Fight Talk, George Foreman discussed the spectacle that was Mayweather v McGregor, and was positive about the Irishman’s boxing skills.

“Not only did he surprise Floyd Mayweather, he surprised me and a whole host of experts,” commented the heavyweight legend.

“Because McGregor hit Mayweather often. His [Mayweather’s] defence didn’t even work against Conor. He had to come out and fight like an old boxing slugger – like George Foreman or something.”

Foreman went on to state that some among the media ought to feel a little contrite at how they covered the fight.

“Well, for the first time, I think all of the media should apologize for all the negative things that was said about the fight. It’s going to be hard to top it. It could have been the fight of the year.”

You can watch the full conversation with Foreman in the video above, as well as the entire Obviously Fight Talk show below.

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