WATCH: Wayne McCullough – ‘McGregor wouldn’t just beat Malignaggi, he’d hurt him’

Speaking to Obviously Fight Talk, the Olympic silver medallist gave his thoughts on the big fight and much more...

However you feel about the buildup and background to the circus that was Floyd Mayweather Jr v Conor McGregor, it’s not unfair to say that the fight itself was surprisingly even.

Many, if not most, had expected the world’s finest boxer to comfortably outmanoeuvre a man who had never before boxed professionally.

And that’s pretty much what Mayweather did, but those predicting annihilation for his opponent were left wanting.

In conversation with Obviously Fight Talk, former professional boxer and Olympic silver medallist Wayne McCullough spoke positively of his compatriot’s performance in Las Vegas, but also highlighted Mayweather’s declining powers.

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“Floyd for me couldn’t get off, his speed was gone, his reflexes were gone, he got hit more in this fight I thought than he did his whole career,” he said. “So you gotta give Conor credit for that and I had it up until the stoppage I had it five rounds to four for Mayweather so it was close.”

Not everyone will agree with McCullough’s assessment in that regard, but it’s not inaccurate to suggest that this was far from a humiliation for the MMA champion.

There’s little doubt that McGregor can hold his own in the squared circle.

And, with thoughts already turning towards a grudge match between the Notorious and his spurned sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi, McCullough was quick to weigh in:

“I know Paulie. Conor beats Paulie Malignaggi. That’s the truth. He beats him. And I’ll be bad-mouthed after this, but Paulie, for me, was never a Floyd Mayweather style. But was never near as good as Floyd. And he’s done. He wasn’t in shape as you seen with Conor that time. He was getting hit over and over, and I think Conor would maybe hurt him.”

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