Mayweather v McGregor set to break all boxing betting records at Paddy Power

A McGregor win would be a right one-two to the bookies…


Paddy Power have offered an insight into the staggering popularity of the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor bout, dubbing it the ‘£200million fight’.

That’s the amount we expect the British and Irish bookmaking industry alone to take on the fight.

Such is the interest in the bout, it is easily Paddy Power’s biggest boxing betting market of all time, and their biggest sporting event of the year.

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More than 80% of the bets we’ve taken have been by punters backing UFC star McGregor.

One bettor has staked £650,000 on a McGregor victory at 10/3 – which would return winnings of more than £2.8m.

And that’s not the only reason Paddy Power fear their compatriot – a fourth round stoppage, as McGregor predicted, would cost us more than £10m.

But the we’re so confident that – on Wednesday, we paid out early on a Floyd Mayweather victory, including one punter who received more than £50,000 in winnings.

Even Mayweather himself noted the pay-out, posting a celebratory video on his social channels – never one to miss a chance to goad his opponent.

Asked his thoughts in Las Vegas ahead of the bout spokesman Paddy Power said: “There’s no doubt about it, this is the biggest fight in history – at least in terms of betting.

“From our perspective, despite always wanting the Irishman to do well in major sporting events, we think a Mayweather victory is inevitable, and paid out – because we checked, and only one of them is a boxer.”

McGregor vs Mayweather outrights

1/4         Mayweather
7/2         McGregor
40/1       Draw

Method of victory

8/11       Mayweather KO/TKO
11/4       Mayweather points/decision
4/1         McGregor KO/TKO
25/1       McGregor points/decision


1/3         McGregor to land fewer than 40 punches
6/4         No punch thrown in first 10 seconds
2/1         Either fighter to have a point deducted
6/1         Mayweather to be knocked down and win
16/1       Fight to end in the first round
20/1       Either fighter to win in 60 seconds
200/1     Simultaneous knockout

* Our full Mayweather vs McGregor markets are available here.

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