Punching above his weight: Amir Khan appears to accuse his wife of infidelity…with Anthony Joshua

As part of a bizarre - and very public - spat, the Bolton-born boxer appears to accuse Anthony Joshua of sticking his oar in...


Over the past year or so, there have been a fair few airings of dirty laundry in public among some of the world’s top sportsmen.

Samir Nasri’s infamous “DripDoctor” hack of December 2016 was perhaps the high-water mark, but the trend has continued right through 2017 with Mesut Ozil’s “Mandy” moment and, today, Amir Khan’s Twitter breakup storm.

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It began with a stark but sincere announcement by Khan:

But, all of a sudden, things began to get a little, er, unusual:

Khan then continued his rant with a series of Tweets taking fairly harsh swipes at his wife:

Oh, and there’s Anthony again:

That does indeed seem generous.

But, in parallel with Amir’s ranting, his wife was responding with her own view on the matter.

One can only speculate as to what exactly a “prostitude” is, but it certainly sounds interesting.

Meanwhile, over at Chez Joshua:

Joshua’s response, perhaps, is a little cryptic, seeing as Shaggy’s 2000 hit was in fact about a man who actually was having an affair.

We await with bated breath the next update in this saga.

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