Mayweather v McGregor Expected to Smash PPV Buys Record

The two are set to face off on the 26th of August, and it's gonna be huge


All good things come to those who wait and, after almost two years of trash-talk, Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor is on baby!

The light-middleweight boxing match is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas on the 26th of August, and could earn each fighter up to $100m – making it the richest boxing event in history. As if they needed more cash, eh?

Conveniently, that painful two years of trash talk has given us here at Paddy Power plenty of time to price up some betting specials, and we’re already tipping the fight to set a new Pay-Per-View buys record.

We’ve gone odds-on 4/7 for the bout to smash the current record of 4.4m PPV buys – also held by Mayweather for his fight against Manny Pacquaio in 2015.

Tickets for the fight will be hotter than the Nevada desert, and we’re 6/5 that prices will hit $100,000 or more.

But despite all the hype, pundits are dubbing the mega-fight a ‘circus’ – and an expensive one at that. It will be McGregor’s first professional boxing match, while 40 year-old Mayweather is coming out of retirement for the fight.

Mayweather is heavy favourite to win the bout (1/8), with McGregor’s odds currently at 5/1.

Yet there’s no doubt McGregor deserves credit for convincing Mayweather to put his 49-bout unbeaten record on the line, and we’re already speculating on who could be next for the Irishman – including Hulk Hogan at 500/1.

You can even bet on which fighter will swear first at the press conference, with Paddy favouring McGregor at odds of 1/3.

Paddy Power himself has said:

“After two years of trash talk it’s great news that the pair have managed to agree on a deal, and we’re expecting this one to break all sorts of records.

“Ok, so the fight is going to land them millions, it could well be all over in under a minute, and we’ll all have to stay up to ridiculous o’clock and pay way over the odds for PPV – but we’re still going to watch it!”

Mayweather v McGregor Fight Odds
1/8 Mayweather
5/1 Conor McGregor
33/1 Draw

12/1 McGregor to throw a kick
10/1 McGregor to be DQd
6/1 Rematch to take place

No. of punches McGregor will land
8/13 Under 79.5
6/5 Over 79.5

Mayweather v McGregor Specials
5/2 Sinead O’Connor to sing to McGregor in ring
4/7 Over 4.4 million US PPV buys

Highest price paid for a ticket
6/5 $100,000 or More

First to Swear at Press Conference
2/1 Mayweather
1/3 McGregor

McGregor’s Next Fight
6/4 Khabib Nurmagomedov
6/1 Tony Ferguson
16/1 Amir Khan
20/1 Manny Pacquiao
33/1 Gennady Golovkin
33/1 The Rock
50/1 Ricky Hatton
500/1 Hulk Hogan
500/1 Katie Taylor

* All Prices Correct at Time of Posting


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