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Watch: Mike Tyson has done a Soulja Boy diss track

‘If you show up, sorry man. Chris Brown is gonna make you sh*t your pants.'


Forget Joshua v Klitschko, the biggest fight of the year is shaping up to be Chris Brown v Soulja Boy. And now, the fight has its own official theme tune, courtesy of Mike Tyson.

That’s right, after saying he will be training ‘Breezy’ for the fight, he has now released a Soulja Boy diss track with accompanying music video.

The fight was announced following some ‘beef’ between the two stars on Instagram, which is supposed to have involved Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche.

Floyd Mayweather announced he would train Soulja, with Tyson returning the offer for his opponent. He posted a picture on Twitter of him ‘dropping heat’ in the studio a couple of weeks ago, and now the heat has arrived. And f*ck is it hot. With inspired lyrics such as ‘If you show up, sorry man. Chris Brown is gonna make you shit your pants. I’m Mike Tyson. The greatest ever. Mayweather. Fair-weather.’

What do you think?