Saturday fight night: A 10/1 knock-out treble that leaves Kell Brook on the canvas

With 32 KOs in 35 wins, GGG will be getting up close & personal with Special K's chin in the middle weight smash-up


Three world title fights, two massive underdogs and one 50-50 fight. This Saturday all the best boxing is condensed into a two-hour blitz at London’s O2 Arena.

Kell Brook is looking to become a superstar of the squared circle and avoid getting levelled by Gennady Golovkin.

Lee Haskins and Stuart Hall are set for a bitter battle and novice Charlie Edwards has a great opportunity against John Riel Casimero.

Bet now: Golovkin vs Brook

For years Golovkin and Brook have been swerved, neglected and mismanaged. And then, in an instant, when nobody was expecting it, a super fight was made between the two.

Brook, a welterweight, has to travel two weight classes north for the middleweight showdown, which is akin to a Year 9 taking on a Year 11, but it’s still a mega fight.

The legend of Golovkin tells that as an actual Year 11 ‘GGG’ was fighting adults on the streets for cash. And not against just any adults, miners.

It might be a tall tale, but what is definitely known is that the Kazazh only lost five of 350 amateur bouts and even cruiserweights are scared of his power in sparring. Golovkin is justifiably to win and to win by KO.

However, the middleweight king has never faced someone of Brook’s calibre. When the Yorkshireman won his welterweight world title from Shawn Porter he demonstrated he could control distance and fight tactically too.

GGG packs a punch 

If Brook can land fast, accurate shots and hold when he needs to, the for him to win on points could be a great bet.

But just like when Canelo Alvarez ironed out Amir Khan after five fairly even rounds, it’s likely that we’ll get a reminder of why there are weight classes.

Brook might be looking good at 160 pounds – and he’s been heavier than Golovkin in the pre-fight weigh-ins – but that’s irrelevant when he has never been hit by anything like a ‘Triple G’ punch.

Golovkin has notched up 22 consecutive KOs and he can be literally lethal in the first few rounds. Expect Brook to be clever and skilful enough to get past this point but then tiredness kicks in.

Golovkin in rounds 7-12 is , but I prefer the on rounds 10-12. If you want long odds and a way to support both men is to back the fight to end in the 30th minute at .

Bet Now: Haskins vs Hall

The main support act on Saturday night has it all: A world title on the line, a 50-50 contest, two British rivals, a load of needle and it’s rematch.

Haskins beat Hall comfortably in 2012 but the loser that night had a serious lack of experience. Hall has improved vastly since then and briefly held a world title in 2014.

The reason for this rematch and the aggro is that these lads are pretty much the opposite of one another. Haskins, the reigning bantamweight champion, is an awkward southpaw and known as the ‘Playboy’, while Stuey Hall’s technique is so solid it’s almost rigid and he’s a dedicated fitness fanatic.

Haskins is at to retain his title but the ‘Playboy’ can lose focus or gas in the later rounds. Hall has no KO wins since 2011, but he has never been stopped and he can keep the pressure on the champion all night.

Hall at to take the win by decision is great value.

Bet now: Casimero vs Edwards

Filipino Casimero has been in seven world title contests, winning five of them, and probably should be offering the shot at his belt to someone ranked a bit higher than 23-year-old Edwards.

The Brit is only eight fights deep in a professional career but he’s backed by some big bucks which isn’t all that common in the flyweight division.

Edwards was a European medallist as an amateur and has looked classy and energetic winning every round as a pro.

Float over to for Saturday’s boxings odds

The quality of opposition the South Londoner has faced has been mediocre and there’s a gulf in experience with Casimero – whose last three title fight wins have been by KO.

Edwards might have more flair, however Casimero is rugged and aggressive. It’s yet to be seen how tough rookie is, and when he was asked about his chin in an interview he didn’t sound overwhelmingly confident.

It’s that the champ comes away with a win, but the best bet is for Casimero to win by KO.

A sneaky treble of a Golovkin to KO Brook, Hall to beat Haskins and a knockout by Casimero will net you odds of just over 10/1.


Callum Smith has a tune up fight before he gets a title shot and he likes to finish things early.

His opponent is tough and will just try to survive, so the for Smith in rounds 4-6 is the place for your money in this one.

Fight of the night could be Martin Joseph Ward versus Andy Townend and backing the underdog Townend to win by KO at is probably worthy of a little bet.

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