Super Heinz with Singles

Super Heinz with Singles Bet Calculator

What is a Super Heinz with Singles Bet Calculator?

A Super Heinz is a multiple bet that consists of 120 separate bets over seven selections. These 120 bets are made up of 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-folds, 21 five-folds, 7 six-folds, and a seven-fold accumulator.

A Super Heinz with Singles bet, on the other hand, is a wager on a single selection to win an event. When you add singles to a Super Heinz bet, you’re essentially betting on each of the seven selections as individual events, in addition to the multiple combinations of those selections.

So, a Super Heinz with Singles would be a bet that covers multiple combinations of the seven selections and individual bets on each selection. Now, you might be wondering how you would begin to calculate your potential winnings with a bet that has so many moving parts.

Good news –  the calculator will work out everything for you. You don’t need to lift a finger, ok maybe you do, but only to input a small number of key particulars of your bet into the calculator.

The Super Heinz with Singles bet calculator at Paddy Power News should be your first stop when it comes to working out your possible winnings. This free online bet calculator has a set of key features that help you get an instant answer, saving you the pain of having to use your fingers and toes to add up your returns. In particular, thanks to the options that include bet type, odds type, stake, and conditions – like win or place, you are never a few seconds away from an answer irrespective of what sports you might bet betting on.

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How does the Super Heinz with Singles Bet Calculator work?

The process of using the free online Super Heinz with Singles bet calculator is straightforward; you enter the particular of your bet and in a flash, you can see your potential profit.

This is courtesy of the bet calculator’s top features which enable you to submit information into four different sections.

Once you have chosen your bet and odds type, your preferred stake, and whether there are any conditions attached to your bet, you only need to add the odds of the seven selections of your Super Heinz with Singles bet.

How to use a Super Heinz with Singles Bet Calculator?

The Super Heinz with Singles bet calculator is extremely user-friendly and easy for you to understand. To begin with, simply select your bet type, on this occasion, it would naturally be Super Heinz with Singles. Once you have settled on your bet type, then select your chosen odds and the stake you would be satisfied with betting.

To end off, it’s merely a case of inputting the odds of the seven sections of the Super Heinz with Singles bet into the seven empty boxes. As soon as you have done that, there’s no need to click calculate as the free online bet calculator would have already given you an answer below. 


So let’s say the odds of your seven events in the Super Heinz with Singles are all priced at 2/1 and you would like to bet £1 on them all winning. You would first make sure that you have selected Super Heinz with Singles as your bet type before choosing your odds type. From there, you need to adjust your stake to £1. To get a final answer, you would input the 2/1 odds in the seven boxes below. Having done that you would see an instant display where your return is £16383 with a potential profit of £16256.

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