Watch: Lakers’ Chandler brings the house down with last-second block

The LA Lakers looked beaten last night as Trae Young leapt towards the net, but Tyson Chandler had other ideas....


The LA Lakers haven’t quite hit the road running since LeBron James came to town, but a win like last night’s looks like it could get their motor revving.

And who better to spark them into action than their recent recruit from the Suns Tyson Chandler?

The 36-year-old center’s been brought in to provide some desperately needed defensive playmaking, and that’s just what he did last night with a final-second block to save the game for the purple and gold.

Atlanta’s red-hot rookie Trae Young looked poised to sneak the Hawks ahead of their hosts in the final seconds, but 7ft Chandler used all of his frame to flick away his drive for the hoop and give LA their third straight win since he joined the team.

Beat the shot-clock with

The player and crowd reaction show what difference the big man is making so far at the Staples Center.

Of course, LeBron wasn’t entirely quiet himself. With the Lakers trailing by one and 20 seconds left the great man lined up for a free throw, but delivered a lot more…

Tyson then delivered the knockout blow.’s odds are a slam dunk

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