Storm Jocelyn: ‘Clap for Trampolines’ scheduled for 8pm tonight

Shout out to any trampolines still standing - even if it's in the neighbour's garden

People are to take part in a ‘Clap for Trampoline Owners’ tribute, saluting those who lost recreational garden equipment during the storms which battered the UK in recent days.

The Royal Family and the prime minister are expected to join well-wishers who will to flock to their balconies and windows to applaud.

LOWER END, UNITED KINGDOM – JANUARY 04: A trampoline that had blown across fields from a neighbouring village during storm Henk and come to a stop in a hedge on January 04, 2024 in Lower End, United Kingdom. Storm Henk caused widespread damage across parts of the UK, with winds of more than 90mph sweeping across some regions. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

A message from trampoline owners on social media described the tribute as ‘emotional’ whilst #JeSuisTrampoline is trending on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Storms Isha and Jocelyn have left thousands of people without garden equipment such as trampolines and gazebos after bringing heavy rain and winds up to 99mph.

Harrowing images appeared on social media showing countless mangled trampolines along with their distraught owners.

Now, Rishi Sunak is asking the UK public to show solidarity with those affected by clapping at 8pm.

‘Our thoughts, prayers and other hollow gestures go to all those who lost a trampoline during the recent storms’, Sunak told Paddy Power News.

‘Speaking of hollow gestures, let’s all clap like confused seals at our front doors tonight’.

‘Clapping is the new way of showing our appreciation for the sacrifice of others. It’s like a pay rise but without the money’.

In related news, the daughter of the late Captain Tom Moore has pledged to build a new spa at the family’s home in honour of all those who lost trampolines.

‘It’s the least we could do’, said a spokesperson on behalf of the family.

‘Once the spa is built, we will hold a 15-minute cycle in the hot tub every night at 8pm in memory of all those trampolines which blew into a neighbour’s garden but never made it home’.

Paddy Power News understands the Red Arrows will fly over London with black, green and grey smoke to show support to trampolines and to boost the morale of the nation.

    *Paddy Power’s breaking news coverage is pure fantasy – don’t believe it for a second

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