White Christmas odds: Aberdeen leads the way for Xmas Day 2020 snowfall

Paddy's dreaming of a white Christmas.


For most of us, it’s the only thing we’re allowed to dream of this Christmas – snow on the big day. And we rate Aberdeen as the most likely place in the UK to have a White Christmas.

They’re not even tier four, either. Gits.

Leeds is just behind, ahead of Norwich and Edinburgh.

Less likely, but all sharing similar prices, are Glasgow, Birmingham, and Dundee who are all hovering around the 3s mark.

In terms of the other capital cities of the UK and Ireland, London (Heathrow Airport) and Dublin share the same price at the time of writing while Belfast is slightly less likely.

Unsurprisingly, some of the UK’s bigger cities in close proximity to each other such as Liverpool and Manchester and Bristol and Cardiff share identical prices with the latter pair being the least likely options we’ve priced up.

The odds are based on major airport locations, and Met Office reporting. It’s all a bit sophisticated given we assumed we just got Paddy to stick his head out of a car window and follow his gut.

We haven’t had much to celebrate this year but with no place to go, as the old song goes, a drop of snow would be nice.

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