Man confesses to family he may have a soft spot for Leeds ​

Whatever happened to Dirty Leeds?


A family from South West London have revealed their anguish after one of its members admitted he may have feelings for Leeds United.

Johnny Hill, 39, made the confession shortly after watching Leeds’s magnificent display during a seven-goal thriller against champions Liverpool.

Despite losing to a late penalty at Anfield, the Yorkshire side earned rave reviews for their spirited performance after a 16-year absence from the Premier League.

Lapsed Fulham supporter Johnny held an impromptu family meeting shortly after full-time, during which he informed his wife and two teenage sons of his affections for Leeds.

Talking to Paddy Power News outside the family home in Parsons Green this morning, Johnny’s wife Sharon said: “We’re all gutted.

“Downloading those James Blunt albums I just about forgave him for – but liking Leeds United? I feel physically sick even thinking about it.”

Sharon revealed how she hasn’t been at work since Johnny dropped the bombshell.

“How can I go in there and face everyone when they all know my Johnny’s been a closet Leeds supporter?” she sobbed.

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Johnny’s sons, Clint (15) and Steed (13) claim they’ve been the targets of school bullies since their father’s shocking admission.

“Other kids have been shouting horrible things at us in the playground like ‘your dad watches Kez on loop’ or ‘your dad still likes the Kaiser Chiefs’,” said Steed. “It’s been a nightmare.”

Meanwhile, Johnny claims he decided to reveal his affections for Leeds after he feared being outed by a passing neighbour who saw him wildly celebrate Mateusz Klich’s 66th-minute equaliser.

Talking to Paddy Power News this morning, Johnny said: “I think the time has come to be honest and tell everyone that I have feelings for Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United.

“I tried supporting other teams but I was living a lie.”

Soon after speaking with us, the self-employed electrician took to Twitter to announce his fondness for Leeds United.

“Fair play to you Johnny, we always sorta knew anyway when you copied Alan Smith’s hair-do,” commented old school friend Daniel Lions.

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