It’s what we’ve been praying for: Watch as Piers Morgan falls off his chair at the Paddy Power Golf Shootout

Pride comes before the fall.


The old adage has certainly proven true for our mate Piers Morgan who has stacked it at the Paddy Power Golf Shootout. The exciting development comes after he claimed challenge pairs glory with world No.10 Tommy Fleetwood earlier this afternoon.

The clumsy motormouth brought Group 1 of the Shootout section into disarray after struggling to sit on his chair properly, tumbling backwards – much to the delight of Freddie Flintoff, Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston and Paul McGinley.

As Piers was good enough to come along and help support this event for charity we’ve deleted the video.

Nah, of course we haven’t. It’s below and you can watch it as many times as you like!

Poor Carly Booth was preparing to take her first shot in her match v Piers as the 55-year-old went arse-over-tit while returning to his chair after racking up 5 points in the first round-robin match. Booth held her composure to claim victory as Flintoff stormed off in jubilation, laughing with his arms in the air at Morgan’s misfortune.

In typical fashion, Morgan lashed out, blaming Freddie for tampering with his chair shouting, “You could have broken my back!”

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And, as usual, he was proven to be incorrect. “I wish I had something to do with it. I’ll be watching that a few times in the car on the way home,” Fred chuckled.

Piers will be hoping the tumble won’t overshadow his heroic efforts with Tommy this morning but, let’s be honest, this is the best thing to happen all year.

UPDATE: It’s now done and dusted – here’s the best bits from Paddy Power’s Golf Shootout

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