Watch: Oh Bullocks! Mascot accidentally blasted with cannon

What a balls up! It's fair to say the Colorado Buffaloes mascot won't forget which way to hold the t-shirt cannon in a hurry...


Though we know the pain, as long as it happens to someone else, the sight of a man doubled over in desperate agony after being hit in the crown jewels will never stop being funny.

Add in a furry costume, a hyped crowd, and a powerful cannon launching projectiles at a high velocity, and my god we just cannot stop laughing at the poor guy in the mascot gear at a recent Colorado college football game.

Brace yourself…

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Oooof. Chip the Buffalo’s stud fees – not just his balls – took a battering there.

Happily for the flattened fuzzball, though his crotch may have been pancaked, medical staff at the game uncrumpled the shell of a being left behind by the catastrophe. Like a pro, he even managed to wave through the pain as he was carted away.

He’s okay kids!

And, showing a dedication to his art beyond the call of duty, he was back on the sidelines later in the game.

It takes more than than a t-shirt gun to castrate this ballsy bullock.

What a hero.

*No animals were harmed in the making of this post, it was just a guy in a suit

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