Hitting the jackpot: Paddy Power Games makes another millionaire

A brand new Paddy Power Games customer has won £1.5m from a £1 stake. His mum didn't believe him when he told her how much he'd won...

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On Grand National Day this year, 14th April, we made our first millionaire of 2018 as one lucky punter took £1.7m from a £2 stake on the slot game Lucky Wizard.

Well, we’ve only gone and done it again!

On May 1st, ANOTHER lucky punter joined the ever-growing Millionaire Club after scooping a monster £1,597,118 Jackpot after staking a £1 spin on the Daily Jackpots slot game Rainbow Jackpots.

A.H. from Hampshire became a millionaire at the age of 23 only DAYS after joining Paddy Power Games. He became a customer with Paddy Power Games in April 2018 after seeing our ad on TV promoting 30 Free Spins for all new customers. He’d never played slots in his life before then. To say he was surprised is an understatement.

“I’m still in shock to be honest. It doesn’t feel real, even talking to you now, it doesn’t feel as if this is happening.”

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A.H. was getting ready for work and was spinning away at Rainbow Jackpots. Things started to take a turn when he hit the Jackpot symbols and “things started to light up”. He figured he had won the Daily Jackpot which currently stood at just over £9,000 and was jumping for joy, but that wasn’t it. He hit the MONSTER JACKPOT and watched in shock as the counter rose to £1,597,118.

“I put my phone down for a few seconds, when I picked it up, it was on £1.5million – I thought ‘my god, I’m a millionaire!’”

And then he went to work. Talk about about dedication to your job!

Now the dust has settled A.H. has had time to think about what he might do with the cash and he’s remaining calm.

He already had a holiday to Australia booked and this will help ease any financial worries he had about the trip. He also plans on helping his friend and his mum, and then he’ll look at a car and home for himself.

His mum was the first person he called when he won the jackpot but she was getting a bus home from work didn’t believe him.

“I rang my mum first. She’s really down to earth and calmly said ‘I’m getting on a bus, son. I don’t believe you, but I’ll call you when I’m home,” he said.

He now plans to continue working and then enjoy his holiday in Australia whilst he thinks about his next move.

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