Punter from London becomes a millionaire overnight with PP Games

The millionaire said he didn't realise what was going on when he first hit the Jackpot


One Paddy Power punter from London was left counting zeros and staring in disbelief at his laptop screen after realising he’d won over a million quid.

The win came on PP Games, and although the regular jackpot player had won in the past, nothing could compare to seeing he’d landed a cool £1,290,000 in the blink of a – very watery – eye.

When asked how it feels to be an actual, real life millionaire now the punter said: “Let me tell you, it feels alright! At first, I didn’t realise what was actually going on. Now I’ve had time to process it a little bit more, it feels very, very good.

“I got into the jackpot round, which I’ve actually hit a few times in the past. But this time the screens started moving up and down and slowly this amount just appeared on the screen -£1.2m. I just stared at the screen for what must have been 5 minutes – I’m not sure I even blinked! I had to make sure it was right! So many zeros… So little time!”

And what do you do when you see that much money flash on your screen? Call your best pal and then get down to the pub, obviously.

“Soon after that, I rang my best mate who lives close by and he came around. I asked him to make sure I wasn’t going mad and verify it. Obviously, when we realised it was true we had a beer to celebrate. The best part is now I get to plan what to do with it with my family – the fun stuff! I really want to share my happiness with others.”

Of course, winning money is great at any time, but even sweeter when you’re in the process of moving house. “The timing is perfect because I am in the process of relocating house – so this will help this procedure no end and allow me purchase it without worry or stress. I also want to share my winnings with people I love – my family, my children, my friends.

“I’ll also be able to help my best friend get on the property ladder – which is an amazing feeling, knowing I’m able to help him with that.”

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