Love Island: Gabby and Marcel favourites to go ‘all the way’ as villa’s strongest couple

They've already had wedding chats, and our traders make them the favourites to stick together until the end


The world’s greatest television show* continues to serve up the shocks, with Muggy Mike snatching Olivia from Chris, Jonny saving Camilla from eviction and more couple-swapping than we can keep up with.

As a result of the new-look line-up,  we’ve decided to reward our couples’ loyalty, by pricing which of them will ‘go all the way’. And by that, we mean which of them will stick together until the bitter end (of the series.)

Our traders have been called in, and they reckon that Gabby and Marcel – who used to be in Blazin’ Squad, you know – are the strongest of the bunch. They’re the clear favourites at 1/9 to stay together until the end of the show. 

You can also back Marcel to be the top boy of the show at 2/1, and Gabby to lead the gals at 9/4.

Next up is Jess and Dom at 1/3, who seem to be a tight couple, despite the fact other housemates have been questioning the their relationship. Amber and Kem follow those two, at 3/10.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Olivia and Mike are 2/1 outsiders, with the promo girl’s tendency to swap partners not boding well for the self-confessed Greek god – Narcissus, presumably.

Spokesperson Paddy Power said: “So Muggy Mike has, erm, mugged Chris and stolen his partner, Olivia.

“I wouldn’t worry too much, Chris – that girl does more conscious uncoupling than a wacky Hollywood star. It won’t be long before she performs a Mike drop, I’m sure.”

* – I only watch it so I can write these blogs. Honest…

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