Tax-I for Ronaldo! Could Cristiano be Ron his way home to Old Trafford?

Ronny has kicked off the transfer shit-storm of the summer, and punters are backing him to 'return home'


It’s almost as if Cristiano Ronaldo knew it was a slow-ish news day for sports desks across the World, and decided to throw a massive, perfectly-manicured spanner into the works.

According to wide-spread reports, he has indicated that he wants out of Real Madrid in a huff over accusations of tax fraud in Spain.

You’ll never guess who is the favourite to snag his signature? Manchester United. That’s right, they’re ODDS ON at 8/11 to bring him back ‘home’.

Take one look at Twitter right now and you’ll see Red Devils fans screaming “#RonBack” (a re-work of the #PogBack hashtag used last season) and others wondering if he’s trapped in a mystery airport airport along with Wesley Sneijder.

Next in the list of clubs begging for his signature are PSG, currently priced at 2/1, followed by any Chinese club at 5/1 and any MLS club at 10/1.

It’s likely plenty of football fans are hitting mute on his name right now, but our punters are piling in the cash, and backing him to make a return to Old Trafford.

Spokesperson Paddy Power said: “I’m with Ronaldo here. If I were accused of something I absolutely didn’t do, my first reaction would definitely be to emigrate immediately.

“Irrespective of the tax case in Spain, Manchester United are in the need of a supremely talented, walking ego with exorbitant wage demands since Zlatan left – so seem the most natural fit.”


8/11       Man United
2/1         PSG
5/1         Any Chinese club
10/1       Any MLS club
12/1       Man City
16/1       Chelsea

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